The Language Teacher - Issue 31.7; July 2007

Volume: 31
Issue No. 7
Date of publication: July 2007
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JALT2007 Pre-Conference Special Issue


Plenary Speaker Articles

  • Talk, talk, talk: Grammar and spoken English - by Ronald Carter
  • A vocabulary size test - by Paul Nation & David Beglar
  • Classroom discourse as a semiotic resource for EFL learning - by Amy B.M. Tsui

Featured Speaker Articles

  • Paragons or parasites--are we failing our language learners? - by Miles Craven
  • Learning to read in a foreign language - by Richard Day
  • My daily chicken soup for the ELT soul - by Steven Gershon
  • Why don't my students enjoy working in pairs and groups? - by Leo Jones
  • Rethinking activities to incorporate theories of learning - by Curtis Kelly & Chuck Sandy
  • Critical approaches to language education: Focusing on race and culture - by Ryuko Kubota
  • Balancing global issues and critical thinking in the classroom - by Charles LeBeau
  • Helping Japanese language learners to use figurative language - by Jeannette Littlemore
  • Bringing extensive reading into oral communication classes - by Rob Waring
  • Turning passive students into active learners - by Ken Wilson
  • Shadowing plus: Stepping stones to fluency - by John Wiltshier

My Share

  • Making first impressions count - by Patrick Miller
  • A communicative introduction to part one of the TOEIC - by Ben Fenton-Smith


  • Gregory Hadley


  • Where's the "U" in JALT? - by Eric Skier
  • Using Music in EFL in Japan - by Brian Cullen & Jim Smiley


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