The Language Teacher - Issue 30.3; March 2006

Volume: 30
Issue No. 3
Date of publication: March 2006
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Feature Article

  • The effect of poetry practice on English pronunciation acquisition by Japanese EFL learners
    - by Veronika Makarova

Readers' Forums

  • Observing language
    classes in Japanese universities

    - by David Barker

My Share

  • Around the world in 50 minutes
    - by Adam Murray
  • Helping students choose a graded reader
    - by Eleanor Kane
  • SWOT as a personal development plan
    - by Laura Bean
  • Using previous knowledge and fixing errors in EFL communication courses
    - by Byron O'Neill

TLT Wired

  • Email efficiency
    - by Malcolm Swanson


  • The JET programme and JALT

    - by Steven Nishida, Leslie Ono, and Jessie Elisberg

  • A space for sharing stories

    - by Charles Kowalski

Old Grammarians

  • My list of must-do's in Kyoto/Nara
    - by Scott Gardner


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