The Language Teacher - Issue 28.9; September 2004

Volume: 28
Issue No. 9
Date of publication: September 2004
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The Language Teacher

Interview with Marc Helgesen
by Kim Bradford Watts and Amanda O'Brien

My Share

Inferring meaning from texts
by Rodney Biddle, Gunma Prefectural Women's University

Did you get that?
by Daniel Droukis, Kyushu Kyoritsu University

Hear say
by Michael Greisamer, Osaka University of Commerce

Keeping the connections: New Year's greetings and resolutions with a twist
by Howard Higa, Chubu Gakuin University

Hat tricks
by Chris Hunt, Wise Hat

Act to avoid trouble
by Yuka Iijima and Kyoko Okamoto, International Christian University

Using nursery rhymes to search for meanings
by Marianne Kimura, Tsukuba Daigaku

A musical game to teach English irregular verbs
by Suzanne L. Medina, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Momotaro: A supplementary kamishibai lesson for elementary school children
by Andrew Meyerhoff, Matsugawa Elementary School

Story writing using picture books
by Yumiko Sano, Dokkyo University, Tama University

Stations for testing large oral communication classes
by Jason Williams, Okayama Korean Primary and Junior High School

TLT Wired

Setting up your own domain name and server
by Paul Daniels

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