Taste of JALT2007: Excerpts from JALT2007 Conference Proceedings

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Special Issue: A Taste of JALT2007

Excerpts from the Proceedings

  • Introducing Accents - by Leon Bell & Fergus O'Dwyer
  • Et tu, robots?: The first step toward an interdisciplinary approach - by Yoko Munezane
  • Pronunciation tasks for academic study skills - by Tim Greer & Mari Yamauchi
  • Using a CMS, Moodle, in campus-based teaching> - by Lori Rink & Mari Yamauchi
  • LMS-based EFL blended learning: Blackboard vs. Moodle - by Terumi Miyazoe
  • Motivation and the awareness of JTEs as L2 users - by David Heywood
  • Music and listening: Learning gain without pain - by Maggie Lieb
  • Should research paper writing be taught at Japanese universities? YES! - by David Kluge & Mathew Taylor
  • Accountability and variety in extensive reading - by Ben Fenton-Smith
  • Does vocabulary-training software support neuro-compatible vocabulary acquisition? - by Markus Rude
  • The use of pocket electronic and printed dictionaries: A mixed-method study - by Chiho Kobayashi
  • Using lexical and task-based approaches for speech fluency development - by Yuichi Kanemaru
  • Learner voices: Reflections on secondary education - by Joseph Falout & Tim Murphey & James Elwood & Michael Hood