Preparing Students for the Eiken interview test

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Andrew Oberg, Kochi University of Technology

The Eiken test (short for eigo noryokushiken or “test of English proficiency”) is one of the most popular English ability tests for junior and senior high school students in Japan. It is administered tri-annually and consists of five standard levels and two pre- levels (pre-second and pre-first). Each test includes sections for vocabulary and grammar, reading comprehension, and listening. Levels three and above also include an interview exam for those students who pass the initial written portion of the test. Since students tend to put most of their preparation into the written part, it is important teachers help their students prepare adequately for the interview. This article focuses on listening strategies, narrative skills, and opinion stating skills that students can learn and use in order to improve their performance.
英検(英語能力試験または’test of English proficiency’)は日本の中高生に最も人気のある英語能力試験の一つである。一年に3回実施され、5つの標準レベルから成り立ち、2つの準レベルもある(準2級と準1級)。それぞれのテストはボキャブラリー、文法、リーディングとリスニングから成り立っている。3級以上では一次の筆記試験に合格した生徒を対象に、面接試験も実施されている。生徒は準備学習のほとんどを筆記試験対策に充てる傾向がある為、教師が面接試験対策を適切に講じることは重要である。本論ではリスニング対策、話術スキル、意見の言明スキルに焦点を絞り、生徒の能力改善を図る。