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  • Exploring Mature, Highly Proficient L2 Learners’ Reading Motivations and Attitudes - Torrin R. Shimono
  • EFL Learners' Stories: Ideal L2 Self and Their Learning Experiences - Sudatip Prapunta
  • Using Q Methodology to Investigate L2 Possible Selves - Sarah Faherty
  • Raising Awareness of Language Learners with Color Vision Disabilities - Ryota Moriya
  • EFL Student L1 Preference Changes: Proficiency and Time - Eleanor Carson
  • The Effects of English Learning on Mental Illness - Miki Koyama
  • Learners’ Choice: Exploring Pragmatic Subjectivity Through Video - Rie Wakui
  • Dreams of My Mother: Investigating Bilingual Development and Linguistic Identity - Ricky Chi Yan Leung
  • Peer Mentoring: An NPRM-Driven Online Group - Dana Lingley
  • The Effect of Teacher Verbal Feedback on Postgraduate Student Participation - Yaowaret Tharawoot