JALT Journal - Issue 39.1; May 2017

Volume: 39
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 2017
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In This Issue


For our May issue we are pleased to present two feature articles. In the first, Hidetoshi Saito looks at the effects of test preparation and keyword lists on a story-retelling task. In the second, Charles Mueller compares introductions to research articles written in English by English native speakers, in English by native speakers of Japanese, and in Japanese by native speakers of Japanese.


With contributions from the new Assistant Reviews Editor, John Nevara, this issue of JALT Journal features seven reviews. Scott Bean opens with the first of two reviews on literature and language learning. Next, Eucharia Donnery explores Ruth Finnegan’s ethnographic account of what language is. In the third slot, Paul Freeborn provides a second look into literature in language education from a book with that very title. We sourced a fourth reviewer through the JALT TBL SIG and Justin Harris came forward to tackle Contemporary Task-Based Language Teaching in Asia, coedited by Michael Thomas and JALT Publications alumnus Hayo Reinders. Jakub E. Marszalenko then lends his expertise to examine a research-based title on translating and interpreting. In the next to last review, Language for Specific Purposes from Palgrave Macmillan’s Research and Practice in Applied Linguistics Series is appraised by Sayaka Morita. Wrapping things up, Andrew Reimann reports on a title focused on Canadian English.

Editor’s Message

My time as JALT Journal Editor is winding down, and I am already starting to feel nostalgic. The work is hard, but it has deepened my appreciation for how JALT comes together as a scholarly community to produce this journal twice a year. My gratitude as always goes out to the authors and reviewers who do the most vital labor. The Associate Editor, Eric Hauser, has been an invaluable resource as he prepares to take on the duties of Editor next November. Deepest thanks also go to Aleda Krause and her team for putting together the journal with patience and good humor every time.

Anne McLellan Howard


JALT Journal

Effects of Preparation and Use of Keyword Lists on a Classroom Story-Retelling Test
by Hidetoshi Saito, Ibaraki University

A Comparison of Introductions in Japanese-Authored Japanese Articles, Japanese-Authored English Articles, and Articles by English Native Speakers
by Charles M. Mueller, Fuji Women’s University

by Scott Bean, Eucharia Donnery, Paul Freeborn, Justin Harris, Jakub E. Marszalenko, Sayaka Morita, and Andrew Reimann

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