The Language Teacher - Issue 40.4; July 2016

Volume: 40
Issue No. 4
Date of publication: July 2016
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In this month’s issue . . .

40.1 TLTWelcome to the July/August 2016 issue of TLT. Most of us are currently in the middle of our semesters and gearing up for the summer break. We hope that classes wrap up nicely and that the coming weeks are a time of relaxation and creative rejuvenation. 

We here at TLT would like to take this time to express our thoughts and well-wishes to the people in Kumamoto, who suffered severe earthquakes on April 14 and 16. We hope residents and volunteers remain safe and healthy during this important time of rebuilding. 

This month’s Feature Article brings us An Edited Version of the First Eight 1,000-Word Frequency Bands of the Japanese-English Version of the Vocabulary Size Test, by Stuart McLean, Tomoko Ishii, Tim Stoeckel, Phil Bennett, and Yuko Matsumoto, in which the authors discuss the quality and shortcomings of the Vocabulary Size Test. In our Readers’ Forum, Jeff Mehring and Regan Thomson explore various study skills to help improve memory storage and retrieval strength, and ways of incorporating them in the classroom, in Brain-Friendly Learning Tips for Long-term Retention and Recall

Last, but certainly not least, our Praxis section is a wealth of classroom-oriented ideas, tips, and advice. We at i endeavor to bring you the best content, in quality and variety, which is reflective of the range, diversity, and exploratory nature of our readership. 

As always, we appreciate the hard work and dedication of all our volunteers at TLT. Currently, TLT is looking for volunteers to work on the production team as copyeditors and proofreaders. Training is provided, and opportunities often arise for editor positions. If you are interested, please contact us at <>. We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, Happy Reading!

John Roberts, TLT Editor



本号のFeature Articleでは、Stuart McLean、Tomoko Ishii、Tim Stoeckel、Phil Bennett、Yuko MatsumotoがAn Edited Version of the First Eight 1,000-Word Frequency Bands of the Japanese-English Version of the Vocabulary Size Testの中で、語彙サイズテストの良い点と欠点について論議しています。Readers’ Forumでは、Jeff MehringとRegan Thomsonが、Brain-Friendly Learning Tips for Long-term Retention and Recallの中で、記憶の保持力・回復力を向上させるための様々な学習スキルを研究し、それらを授業に導入する方法にも触れています。

最後に、JALT Praxisには、授業用のアイディアや助言がたくさん用意されています。広範囲で多様な分野で活躍され、また探究心にあふれたTLTの読者の皆様を対象にした質・量ともに最良な内容を掲載しております。


John Roberts, TLT Editor


The Language Teacher

An Edited Version of the First Eight 1,000-Word Frequency Bands of the Japanese-English Version of the Vocabulary Size Test
by Stuart McLean, Osaka Jogakuin; Tomoko Ishii, Meiji Gakuin University; Tim Stoeckel, University of Niigata Prefecture; Phil Bennett, Yuko Matsumoto, Miyazaki International College

Brain-Friendly Learning Tips for Long-Term Retention and Recall
by Jeff Mehring, SEAMEO-RELC, Singapore; Regan Thomson, Kwansei Gakuin University

Book Reviews

Atama-ii Books: Graded Reader Series (Books #1 to #5)
by Donald Patterson, International College of Liberal Arts, Yamanashi Gakuin University

Welcome to Kyushu, Japan: A Task-Based Approach to EFL Learning Using AUTHENTIC Dialogues
by Lee H. Flake, Keiho High School

JALT Focus

Membership Campaign—Students
by Fred Carruth, JALT NPO Director of Membership

My Share

Draw and Tell
by Gary Henscheid, Nihon University

Desert Island Discs
by Nick Caine, University of Nagasaki

Presenting the World: Country Poster Presentations
by Douglas Perkins and Adam Pearson, Musashino Joshi Gakuin Junior and Senior High School

A Twist on the Traditional Vocabulary Test to Promote Deep Learning
by Richard Buckley, Westgate Corporation

Making a Video Introduction Wall
by Nick Caine, University of Nagasaki

What Did Sensei Do?
by Drew Larson, Scientific Education Group

SIG Focus

SIG Focus: The School Owners’ (SO) SIG

TLT Wired

Phrasebot: An Online Mobile Game for Multi-Word Units
by Chris Hastings, Nagoya University of Foreign Studies

Old Grammarians

Entrance Exam Essay Questions and Model Answers
by Scott Gardner

Writer's Workshop

More Than Numbers: Presenting Statistics In Your Writing
by Tiffany Ip, The University of Hong Kong

Young Learners

Four Favorite Reading Fluency Activities
by Chiyuki Yanase, Cynthia Akazawa, Laura Macfarlane, and Ruthie Iida

Teaching Assistance

Adapting Communicative Speaking Tests for the JHS Classroom
by Steven Asquith, Ichikawa City Board of Education

Dear TLT

Making Use of Smartphones in Class
by Tiernan L. Tensai

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