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Recruitment of “Sennin” Full-time Foreign Language Instructors at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto/Shiga/Osaka (5/26)

Ritsumeikan University, Institute for Language Education and Research is seeking five (5) “Sennin” Full-Time Foreign Language Instructors for AY 2018 (beginning April 2018). Please see the “Full position details” for more information.

Job details: 

"1. Position
“Sennin” Full-time Foreign Language Instructor (Gaikokugo Sennin Koushi)*
*Instructor hereafter
2. Term of Employment
No fixed term
3. Affiliation
Institute for Language Education and Research
4. Number of Positions
5. Scheduled Employment Start Date
April 1, 2018
6. Specialized Areas
TEFL/TESL/TESOL, Applied Linguistics, English Studies, Linguistics, fields related to English language education
7. Responsibilities
○ Classes
In charge of teaching English. (Avg. 7 credit-hours (koma) per week, per semester.)
○ Other duties (Each year Instructors will be asked to perform specific duties from the list below.)
(1) Assisting with English language education operations under the guidance and direction of other faculty members of Ritsumeikan University (coordinating curriculum-related activities, coordinating “Shokutaku” Full-time Foreign Language Instructors, managing team-teaching in the classroom, creating teaching materials and exams based on classroom content, etc.).
(2) Planning and managing study support (*1) related to foreign language education outside of the classroom (Beyond Borders Plaza (*2) events and operations, student coordination, Center for Language Acquisition (CLA) classes, etc.)
(3) Creating exam questions
(4) Work related to international exchange and special events
(5) Attending meetings for faculty development and work related duties
(6) Other duties related to foreign language classes
(*1) Details can be found on the following website.
(*2) Beyond Borders Plaza (BBP), which is slated to open on each campus in April 2018, will function as a base for out-of-class language learning support (Self-Access Learning Center), study abroad support, and student international exchange support.

8. Place of Work
Instructors will be assigned to one of these campuses: Kinugasa Campus (Kyoto City), Biwako-Kusatsu Campus (Kusatsu, Shiga), or Osaka Ibaraki Campus (Ibaraki, Osaka). However, it is possible that Instructors will be asked to teach classes on another campus.
9. Conditions of Employment
・Yearly Salary: 5,500,000 yen (Provided job performance is satisfactory, instructors will be eligible for a raise every three years, with the maximum salary capped at 6,500,000 yen.)
・Various allowances may also be provided according to the rules of the Ritsumeikan University.
・An office (normally shared with one other person) and individual research allowance (120,000 yen/year) will be provided to support research.
・Severance package is not provided.
*The age of retirement for “Sennin” Full-time Foreign Language Instructors at Ritsumeikan University is 60.
10. Qualifications
Candidates must meet all of the following conditions.
(1) Must be a native speaker of English or possess equivalent English language proficiency.
(2) Must have at least a master's degree at the time of application, with a relevant research field in an area such as the following: TESL/TEFL/TESOL, Applied Linguistics (including second-language acquisition, language education technologies, CALL, testing, etc.), English Studies, Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, and Area Studies.
(3) Must have research achievements in one or more of the Specialized Areas stated in 6.
(4) Must have experience teaching English to non-native speakers of English in a university classroom environment. Candidates with experience in teaching CALL, CLIL, remedial classes for learners with limited English language proficiency, and/or TOEFL/TOEIC/IELTS preparation courses are preferred.
(5) Must possess enthusiasm for teaching foreign language and internationalization in a private university setting. This includes a desire to not only carry out regularly scheduled curricular classes, but also to proactively work to provide out-of-class learning support.
(6) Must have a sufficient level of Japanese language proficiency to communicate effectively in classes in Japanese if necessary and to handle daily administrative affairs.
11. Application Materials
(1) Completed Application Forms ①, ② and ③.
All forms must be downloaded from our website ( and filled in using a computer.
*Application Forms ① and ② must be printed on A4 paper for submission.
*Electronic versions (Word/Excel) of Application Forms ①, ② and ③ must also be included with the application in either CD-R or DVD-R format.
(2) A photocopy of the original certificate of your highest academic degree earned.
(3) A photocopy of your original TESL/TEFL/TESOL certificate if you have such a qualification.
(4) Essay: ""The role a self-access language learning center could play in a university English curriculum"" (Approx. 800 words in English)
(5) Abstracts of up to 3 of your academic papers, 4 copies each (copies acceptable)
*Candidates will be asked to bring the original certificate of the highest academic degree earned to the interview.
*Application materials will not be returned.
*Applications sent by email will not be accepted.
*Please make sure to include all relevant information on the official application forms and do not attach a separate CV or other personal documents.
*Any personal information that we have obtained through your application will be handled in accordance with the ""Protection of Personal Information Act"" and will be used strictly for identifying candidates for the positions.

12. Application Deadline
Only applications that are received no later than Friday, May 26, 2017 will be accepted. Please send applications by registered mail (kan'i-kaki tome) or EMS.
13. Interviews / Selection Results
(1) Candidates selected for interview will be notified by email in late June, 2017.
(2) Interviews will be held either on July 1 or 2, 2017.
(3) Selection results are tentatively scheduled to be sent out by email at the end of July, 2017.

14. Application Submission Address
In an envelope marked “Application for Sennin Full-time Foreign Language Instructor” in red lettering, send the application materials via registered mail
(Kan’I-kaki tome) or EMS to the address below.

Office of Language Education Planning and Development (Gengo Kyoiku Kikaku-ka)
Ritsumeikan University Osaka Ibaraki Campus
2-150 Iwakura-cho, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka 567-8570

15. Contact for Inquiries
Office of Language Education Planning and Development (Gengo Kyoiku Kikaku-ka)
Ritsumeikan University Osaka Ibaraki Campus
Yuta Mitsuzumi
TEL: (+81) 072-665-2061 FAX: (+81) 072-665-2059

Fri, 2017-05-26
Contact details: 
Office of Language Education Planning and Development (Gengo Kyoiku Kikaku-ka) Ritsumeikan University Osaka Ibaraki Campus 2-150 Iwakura-cho, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka 567-8570 Japan
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