English EAP Instructor, NIC International College Japan, Shinjuku Tokyo (3/16)

Seeking experienced English teacher. Instructor will prepare students for university study in U.S./U.K. Students mostly aged 16-22.

Job details: 

Position is for 1 year from 13th of April, 2020. M.A. TESOL. Duties include teaching from Monday to Friday, preparing lessons, guiding students through daily assignments, giving and marking homework, tests and quizzes. Also includes working closely with co-instructors, and staff, assign and grade class work, and deliver Midterm and Final exams. Salary: 380,000 Yen monthly

Monday, March 16, 2020
Contact details: 

Stephen Berghoff, EAP Program Director at NIC International College in Japan, Tokyo Campus <nicsteveb93@yahoo.com>. Applicants will be requested to complete a sample lesson plan packet as part of the application/screening process.