Visiting Faculty Member (6/30)

Asia University is recruiting full time Visiting Faculty Members for the 2020-2021 academic year.


Job details: 

Center for English Language Education (CELE)
Asia University
5-8 Sakai, Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-8629 JAPAN
Tel: 81-422-36-4089 Fax: 81-422-36-4869
Position: Visiting Lecturer in ESL/EFL
2020 Academic Year (4/1/2020 - 3/31/2021)

A. Minimum Requirements:
A Master’s degree in TESL/TEFL or English Literature from an accredited university. A Master’s degree in another field with a TESL/TEFL certificate may be considered. One year of teaching experience at the university level (includes TA-ships) is also required.

B. Contract Period:
Appointment as Lecturer in EFL is made for a one year period. Any reappointment is based on annual review.

C. Salary:
1. Monthly salary for the position is approximately \320,000 before deductions for tax (if applicable) and the mandatory health insurance. 
2. In addition to the regular monthly salary, the equivalent of one month’s salary is paid two times a year, in June and in December.

D. Housing Allowance: 
A Visiting Faculty Member who begins their employment period in the 2020 fiscal year will be given a one-time only choice to live in University-provided housing. Moving from the finalized housing that has been offered will not be permitted, unless it is in the university’s favor. Also, in the event of vacating the housing, it is not possible to offer University-provided housing again.
The apartments are provided at a subsidized cost, 20% of which will be automatically deducted from the Visiting Faculty Member’s salary, with the remaining 80% covered by the University. 
Faculty members choosing not to reside in these units will receive either ‎¥19,000 per month for head of household or ‎¥13,000 for non-head of household, as a housing allowance. 

E. Allowances Upon Employment:
1. Travel: Those not living in Japan at time of employment receive \150,000 to cover travel expenses. The sum of \75,000 (before deductions) will be paid within 30 days of the first day of the designated work schedule, and \75,000 (before deductions) within 30 days of the last day of the specified work schedule.
2. Family: \18,500 per month for the non-working spouse. \7,500 per month is provided for each child under 22 years of age.
3. Professional Materials: A one-time allotment of \50,000 during May.
4. Supplementary Teaching: For any teaching beyond the 20-hour workload, the extra pay is \2,500 (before deductions) for each 50-minute class period.
5. Health Certificate: Reimbursement for the health examination—up to \20,000.

F. Insurance:
All faculty are required to enroll in the Private Schools Employees Union. The membership premium is equal to approximately 20% of an individual’s monthly salary and bonuses and is shared equally by the University and the employee. Coverage provided is 70% of medical and dental expenses, which is applicable for dependents as well.

G. Work Schedules:
CELE Lecturers are expected to be available from 8:35 to 18:55 Monday through Friday. This does not mean that the Lecturers must be in the office for the entire period, but that the Lecturer be available for meetings, advising, and related duties. Attendance at some additional university functions is also required. As a rule, outside employment is not permitted during these working hours. VFMs are required to work two 13-week semesters per year. In addition, there may be a week or so before and after each semester for grading and preparation. There may be several weeks over the New Year and various national holidays throughout the school year when VFMs are not required to be at work. All days outside the established working periods (outlined in contract) are deemed paid vacation time (most of August/September, and most of February/March).

H. Duties:
Duties include: teaching up to 20 classroom hours of EFL per week (one classroom hour equals 45 minutes of instruction); attending all regular and special CELE faculty meetings; serving on a CELE administrative committee; provide servicing as a substitute instructor when necessary, and completing an approved project.

I. Starting Date:
The contract period is listed as April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021; however, all new Visiting Faculty Members are required to arrive not later than up to 10 days earlier for moving into apartments and faculty orientation.

J. Application Procedures: The following must be submitted to Asia University: 
1. Asia University application form.
2. Official transcript showing awarding of the highest academic degree earned.
3. At least two letters of recommendation, e.g., from current employer and a program advisor.
4. Days, times, and telephone number where you can be reached for a telephone interview.

NOTES: Applicants should have a valid passport. If an individual is offered a contract, his/her passport number will be required by the University. It is imperative that procedures be carried out according to schedule in order to insure that the new Lecturer will arrive in Japan in time for orientation and settling in before the academic year begins. Prior to finalizing the contract acceptance, a health check using the Asia University’s health form and signed by a licensed physician must be submitted to the International Center (Kokusai Koryu Center or KKC).

Submitted application materials cannot be returned. Personal information will be treated with 

Upon Offering of a contract, the following must be submitted to Asia University:

1. Copy of the passport pages which show passport number, date and place of issue, date of birth, and picture.
2. Six recent passport photos, 3cm x 4cm (hatless).
3. Brief autobiographical statement (100-200 words). The Public Relations Office introduces new faculty by printing this information. Usual statements include place of birth, special interests and experiences.
4. Additional information:
- Previous visit(s) to Japan? If so, when? - Marital status - Place of birth - Hometown

K. Obtaining a Visa for travel to Japan:
*Asia University applies to the Ministry of Justice for a Certificate of Eligibility for Status of Residence on your behalf. The Lecturer will need this Certificate in order to obtain a work visa. When AU receives the Certificate, it will be sent to the Lecturer.

*The Lecturer needs to submit the Certificate to the Japanese Embassy or Consulate when applying for a visa. It is advisable for Lecturers to contact the Consulate in advance to see if anything in addition to the Certificate and your passport will be necessary and how long processing will take.

L. Arrival in Japan:
(For Visiting Faculty Members who will reside in University-provided accommodation)
Please arrive in Japan by noon. Please swing by the Personnel Office at Asia University to pick up your housing key. The office opens from 9:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday.

M. Things to keep in mind for arrival day:
The orientation for the new VFMs will be held at the end of March. Please arrive in Japan by that day.

The first payday will be on April 25th. 

[Asia University reserves the right to change any of the aforementioned should conditions so warrant. Any changes will be reflected in the employment contract.]


Sunday, June 30, 2019
Contact details: 

Applications can be made by email.

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