Cambridge English Speaking Examiner Training (KET&PET) Fukuoka/Kitakyushu /June 22 and 23 (6/20)

Kawaijuku Examination Centre (JP026) and West Japan Cambridge Centre (JP176) seek experienced professionals to attend a free Speaking Examiner training to become a Speaking Examiner for A2 Key (KET)/B1 Preliminary (PET) to work with us as a Speaking Examiner.

Job details: 

Job details: 
A one-day Training, followed by a half-day Certification session to enable experienced and qualified teachers to become Speaking Examiners (SEs). This workshop will cover the speaking tests for two levels of Cambridge English; A2 Key (KET), B1 Preliminary (PET). The training and certification are free but the travel and accommodation costs should be covered by applicants. 
[Training and Certification] 
Saturday 22th June, 13:30-17:30 & Sunday 23th June, 9:30-17:30

Location: Fukuoka, Nakamura Gakuen Girl’s Junior High School

NB. This is a part time position and you will be paid by work basis. A valid visa is required
For more information about Cambridge English Qualification, please visit;
Minimum Professional Requirements 
Applicants are required to meet Minimum Professional Requirements (MPRs). 
We welcome your application to become an examiner if you have:
• education to first degree level or equivalent*
• a recognised language teaching qualification*
• proof of substantial, relevant, recent teaching experience ideally equivalent to at least 1800 hours.
*An applicant may be exempt either from the formal teaching qualification or from the first degree/equivalent requirement (but not both) if they can provide evidence of considerable relevant teaching experience (i.e. ideally 3,000 hours or more) supported by positive references.

Refer to the site below for remuneration.
Overview of the recruitment process for new Speaking Examiners
1. Send us an E-mail

If you are interested in applying, please provide the required information below and send an E-mail to 

※Your private information is used only for the purpose of SE recruitment.
・Title of the email: ” SE application (KyushuSE)”
・First Name
・Last Name
・E-mail address
・Telephone/Cell number
・Advertisement media you see : *JALT, Kawaijuku website, etc…
2. Submission of application form 
We will send you an application form. Please return the form, completed in full. 
Application forms are assessed against the Minimum Professional Requirements (MPRs). Those who do not meet the MPRs cannot be accepted.
3. Interview by telephone
Please select your preferred date & time for a phone interview on the application form.
You will be contacted during the period you stipulate. Team Leader (TL) will conduct a language proficiency check if necessary. 
4. Induction
Applicants work through the self-access online induction materials, which cover the responsibilities of being a Speaking Examiner and the format and levels of the tests.
5. Training
Training is conducted by the TL and covers how to assess and deliver the Speaking test. The TL assesses the applicants during the session to ensure they meet the Cambridge requirements for a SE.
6. Certification
Applicants must complete certification for each exam level they will examine and their performance must be certified by the TL to become a SE.
7. Approval by Cambridge English
Cambridge English may reject any nomination which does not clearly meet the requirement, and their decision is final. 
Note: SEs will be asked to attend a recertification every year to continue to be eligible as an SE. This will normally be a face-to-face meeting.
Thursday, June 20, 2019
Contact details: 
For more information and application forms please contact on: 
Tel: 080-2913-8784
※Your private information will only be used only for the purpose of SE recruitment.


Thursday, June 20, 2019
Contact details: