EAL Teacher (4/30)

Seeking full-time EAL Teacher for Osaka international public school, Suito Kokusai Junior & Senior High School


Job details: 

Job Title: English as an Additional Language (EAL) Teacher

Initial Contract Period: August 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020 (renewable annually upon mutual agreement)

Starting Base Salary (subject to budget approval)

¥334,000 JPY per month

Uplifts to base starting salary:
-At least 3 yrs full-time teaching experience (add ¥30,000/mth)
-IB certification + at least 2 yrs IB experience (add ¥41,000/mth)
-Master’s degree (add ¥5,000/mth) OR doctoral degree (add ¥10,000/mth)
-IB workshop leader (add ¥20,000/mth)
-Penalty: No Teacher’s license (subtract ¥50,000/mth)

Foreign hire benefits in addition to the monthly remunerations above:
-Living allowance (add ¥30,000/mth)
-210 days working allowance (add ¥20,000/mth)

-One time relocation allowance 150,000 JPY each for staff & spouse (max. 300,000 JPY)
-One time moving-in allowance up to 150,000 JPY
-Annual travel allowance 100,000 JPY each for staff & spouse (max. 200,000 per year)
-One time repatriation allowance 150,000 JPY each for staff & spouse upon successful final completion of employment (max. 300,000 JPY)
-Reimbursement for daily travel to-from work
-Annual health check fees 3,000 JPY
-Payment of 50% national health care
-Payment of 50% contributions to pensions (if opted in)
-Annual individual professional development 50,000 JPY
-Annual school-wide professional development paid by school
-Costs of covering staff absences paid by school
-Contributions to wellness events paid by school
-Payment of external recruitment fees
-Payment of work visa fees
-100% off entry, tuition and facility fees for two children at Osaka YMCA International School (OYIS https://www.oyis.org/) or Osaka YMCA International High School (OYIHS)

Required Qualifications
-At least 3 years full-time experience teaching in public or private secondary school;
-Master’s degree specializing in English language teaching;
-Advanced English language proficiency;
-No history with child protection issues (physical, emotional, sexual abuse/exploitation, neglect) -- candidates’ histories will be screened thoroughly;
-No history with major disciplinary issues;
-Mental, physical and medical fitness to responsibly perform position responsibilities.

Preferred Qualifications
-Degree in education (e.g., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ed.D.);
-Teaching license/certificate (some allowance may be made for a license that has expired);
-IB DP certification in relevant specialization;
-Experience with the International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) and/or the Diploma Programme (DP);
-Interest in educational research;
-Japanese language proficiency.

Position Responsibilities

The successful applicant will:
-Report to the EAL coordinator;
-With the EAL team, implement best practices for language instruction across subject area classrooms through co-teaching and teacher professional development;
-With EAL team, gather and analyze data about student language growth;
-Collaborate with other academic disciplines and support their learning objectives and overall student language growth through co-planning and co-teaching, specifically in junior high and senior high English, math, science and global studies/issues classes;
-Support programs that increase students’ motivation to learn English, create an English-speaking environment and that value students' mother tongues;
-Contribute to a foreign language program for staff; whereby, Japanese staff can learn English and non-Japanese staff can learn Japanese;
-Contribute to researching and developing school-wide best practices for language instruction and language learning;
-Collaborate with other academic disciplines and support their learning objectives and overall student growth through co-planning and co-teaching;
-Develop materials for classes and share these with colleagues as part of the ongoing development of the program;
-Use technology to promote learning;
-Carry out assessment as per the assessment model developed by the school;
-Support programs that increase students’ motivation to learn;
-Contribute to innovative school-wide projects and events;
-Contribute to the oversight of teaching interns and/or student-teachers;
-Contribute to researching and developing school-wide best practices for math instruction;

Additional requirements

The successful applicant will:
-Demonstrate a strong commitment to effective teaching practice, including a blend of concept-based instruction, inquiry-based instruction, and active, student-centered learning;
-Be willing and able to teach according to the standards of the Japanese curriculum, including topics that are not included in typical western curricula;
-Be open to having his/her classes observed by department colleagues and other specialists;
-Be open to co-teaching when this supports learning needs (most typically for language-related needs);
-Be receptive to feedback and constructive criticism;
-Have a track record of working cooperatively with colleagues to maintain a positive school climate for both staff and students;
-Have a flexible mindset and be able to respond constructively to cultural differences;
-Recognize the unique nature of the school and be able to support the post-secondary ambitions of its students.

Additional Roles

Licensed teachers may be asked to serve as homeroom teachers and/or head of grade. Teachers are required to serve in at least one of the following departments based on need:
-Curriculum Department
-Student Affairs Department
-Career Guidance Department
-Human Rights Department

as well as in at least one of the following committees:

-Child Protection Committee
-Special Needs Committee
-Osaka YMCA Global Citizenship Committee
-Global Studies/Issues Committee
-Health & Safety Committee
-Emergency Committee
-Employment with Osaka YMCA

Osaka YMCA strives to create and maintain great working environments for its staff, including competitive pay and benefits packages. Essential qualities for Osaka YMCA educators include teamwork, character, commitment, competency, creativity, leadership and a desire to contribute. It is through the strength and collegiality of professional teams that students’ lives are maximally impacted and staff derive satisfaction and joy from their work. Contracts are renewable upon mutual agreement. Osaka YMCA is an equal opportunity employer.

Child protection: Osaka YMCA collaborates with local and international agencies, such as law enforcement and child services, to identify offenders and support those who have been affected by misconduct.

About Suito Kokusai Junior & Senior High School

The name of the school (in English) is Suito Kokusai Junior & Senior High School. Suito means ‘water city’ and Kokusai means ‘international’. Suito Kokusai is an Osaka city public school; however, for the first time in Japan’s history, a public school will be operated by a private organization--Osaka YMCA. All staff at Suito Kokusai are Osaka YMCA employees rather than Osaka Board of Education government employees. Approximately 60% of Suito Kokusai staff will be Japanese and 40% will be non-Japanese.

The intent is to bring together the best of Japanese education with the best of international education while giving citizens public school access. Suito Kokusai has applied to the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) to become an IB World School authorized to offer a dual language IB Diploma Programme (DP). Some of the subjects at Suito Kokusai will be offered in Japanese and conform to the Japanese ministry of education curriculum. Other subjects are uniquely developed for Suito Kokusai by faculty, and some subjects are intended to be DP courses. In addition to the English subject, mathematics and science will be taught in English.

Families throughout Osaka, senior officials at every level of government and universities throughout Japan have high hopes for this project. Suito Kokusai is often featured in the news. With its focus on inquiry-based, student-centered education and international mindedness, it is intended that Suito Kokusai will usher in a new age of public school education in Japan.

Suito Kokusai is located in the Suminoe Ward of Osaka, Japan, on an artificial island in the bay of Osaka (https://goo.gl/maps/NNrxhJFtvqy). The school is comprised of two government properties that were formerly Osaka public elementary schools. Renovations and new construction began in 2018 and are expected to continue until 2023. The school opens in April 2019. (The Japanese school year runs from April to March.) Initially, school operations will be spread over the two neighbouring campuses. After three years, the second campus will be demolished and an athletics field made. The intent is for Suito Kokusai to be a modern facility that enables high caliber teaching and learning.

About Osaka, Japan

Osaka is an exciting city located in the middle-west of Japan’s main island, Honshu. Neighbouring cities are historic Kyoto to the east and cosmopolitan Kobe to the west. Osaka city has approximately 2.7 million people and many more than that when taking into consideration the suburbs. Nature is also close by and easily accessible. Public transportation is excellent. The city infrastructure and institutions are reliable, the laws of Japan are fair and reasonable and people are friendly.


Tuesday, April 30, 2019
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