Part-time TOEFL instructor, Nihon University School of Medicine, Tokyo (2/15)

We are seeking a candidate with TOEFL experience who can help improve our classes in a supporting role in the classroom.


Job details: 

1) part-time on Monday mornings from April 15th to December 9th
2) qualifications include a post-secondary degree in education or related field; at least 2 years teaching TOEFL to university students (special preference will be given to candidates with a very high TOEFL score)
3) duties include assisting and supporting the main teacher in the classroom; providing advice and opinions regarding the effectiveness of activities used in the classroom; data management and assessment related duties
4) location can be found at the following url (
5) salary to be determined based on university regulations
6) application: please send your CV including photo and all TOEFL related experience to the Division of English at


Friday, February 15, 2019
Contact details: 

NUSM Division of English Recruiting Section: