Experienced ESL Teacher - Osaka (11/6)

300-380k/month to teach at a Language School in Umeda, Osaka


Job details: 

Here's what's important to us at Phillip James

Commitment to our staff
It sounds corny, but at Phillip James our commitment to the professional development of our staff is the most important thing to us. 

Working at Phillip James ensures you won't be standing still careerwise, but will be gaining professional, transferable skills necessary to ensure a bright future for yourself.

Professional Development Programme
As part of our commitment to ensuring our staff gain the professional skills necessary for future career advancement, we hold weekly Teacher Development Training, mentoring programmes, as well as free access to any UDEMY online courses which staff wish to take, regardless of the subject being studied.

Flexible schedule
Teachers have a fairly flexible schedule: although you'll have fixed hours for your classes, you are free to decide when you work the remaining hours.

We're proud of our work
It’s fair to say a lot of coffee gets drunk at Phillip James.

Our teachers spend much of their day planning lessons, collaborating with colleagues on lessons plans, and, of course, teaching.

Most of the teachers will tell you it's often pretty intense, but we're really proud of what we do, and the level of creativity and high quality lessons that our students receive is hugely rewarding for all of us.

Our courses
Our courses cover the four skills, Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing. In our classes we use ESL textbooks as the foundation for most of our courses, but a lot of importance is put on creating authentic materials as well. We put a lot of emphasis on inductive, discovery learning.

Our students also expect around 4-6 hours homework each week, for which we provide a range of reading material, written work, grammar and vocabulary development.

We have a range of ESL classes
General English and Business English
Exam preparation courses, such as FCE, CAE, and IELTS

We also have CBI (content based instruction) classes 
The Humanities; such as Law, History
The Sciences; Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics

Teachers have a 39 hour weely schedule
24 contact hours of teaching per week: 
approximately 18 hours of group classes
6 hours of one-on-one classes
Remaining hours: 
planning time
teacher development classes
student language proficiency level interviews 

Start date: Tuesday 2nd January 2019


Tuesday, November 6, 2018