British Council: Project based University teacher, Tokyo (4/30)

April 2018-Jan 2019: teach 17.5 hrs per week, two 13-week semesters, university in Western Tokyo. JPY 4,400-4,900 per teaching hour (payment for preparation/ marking included in this hourly rate, not paid separately). JPY 2,600 per weekly team meeting (1 hour). Project completion bonus. Renewable.

Job details: 

The British Council Tokyo Teaching Centre is looking for qualified and experienced teachers to join our offsite teaching teams at a Japanese university in Western Tokyo. These roles are only open to applicants who have current permission to live and work in Japan. Previous experience teaching at a Japanese university is an essential requirement.

· April 2018 to January 2019: you will teach 17.5 hours per week on weekdays afternoons and early evenings (earliest classes start at 1.15pm, latest classes finish at 6.55pm) over two 13-week semesters. In addition you will be scheduled for a 1 hour weekly team meeting on Wednesday afternoons.

· Salary: JPY 4,400 - JPY 4,900 per teaching hour (payment for preparation for lessons and marking is included in this hourly rate and is not paid for separately). JPY 2,600 per weekly team meeting (1 hour).

· The project based teachers are required to do up to one week of administrative work per semester (this is typically split between two or three days in the middle of the semester and two or three at the end of the semester. Teachers will be able to spend time marking assignments and grading during this time). This work, and any additional meetings during term will be paid at the hourly rate of JPY 2,600. In addition you will be paid at the hourly rate of JPY 2,600 to participate in learning and Performance Management meetings.

· Apart from this admin work, the project-based teachers are only expected to work for us during those two semesters so are not paid during non-semester times and are free to work elsewhere during those periods. Project-based teachers get up to five days’ paid leave per year which are to be taken at times that are agreed with their line manager.

· Project-completion bonus: You are entitled to a one-off taxable bonus equivalent to JPY 700 per actual hour taught following successful completion of this contract at the date specified above. This is dependent on positive feedback from students (via the designated feedback questionnaire) and stakeholders. This sum will be paid in the following month of the last day of this contract. No bonus will be paid in case you resign or are dismissed before the end of the employment period.

· In addition travel costs (train tickets etc) are covered by the British Council.

Mon, 2018-04-30
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