Full-time English Instructor, Kagoshima Joho High School, Kagoshima, Japan (2/10)

Full-time English Instructors needed (Native /Japanese English Teachers) to teach high school students in an active learning environment. Applicants need experience incorporating debate, presentations and other active learning methods into the classroom.

Job details: 

1. Native-speaker competency in English.
2. Experience teaching TEFL
3. MA in TEFL or related fields preferred.
1. Teach up to 20, 50-minute classes per week.
2. Participate in extra-curricular activities such as debate club and summer sessions. Extra duties may take place during weekends and holidays.
Benefits and Conditions:
1. Health insurance, competitive salary, and bonus will be detailed during the interview.
Application Procedures:
1. Submit a cover letter, current CV, and two letters of recommendation.

Sat, 2018-02-10
Contact details: 
Send application materials via email to Jonathan Enns <jonathanenns1@gmail.com> or post to Kagoshima Joho High School ATTN Jonathan Enns, 〒891-0141 Kagoshima Prefecture, Kagoshima, Taniyamachuo, 2−4118
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