JALT Journal - Issue 28.1; May 2006

Volume: 28
Issue No. 1
Date of publication: May 2006
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  • Applied Linguistics and Language Teacher Education. (Nat Bartels) Reviewed by Debra L. Simms
  • Controversies in Second Language Writing. (Christine Pearson Casanave) Reviewed by Christian Perry
  • Task-based Instruction in Foreign Language Education: Practices and Programs. (Betty Lou Leaver & Jane R. Willis) Reviewed by Omar Karlin & Jay Veenstra
  • Language and Society in Japan. (Nanette Gottlieb) Reviewed by Mark Jones


JALT Journal

Team Teaching Participation Patterns of Homeroom Teachers in English Activities Classes in Japanese Public Elementary Schools
by David Aline, Kanagawa University; Yuri Hosoda, Kanagawa University

What do sports, learning Japanese, and teaching English have in common? Sociocultural learning theories, that’s what
by Neil Cowie, Okayama University

Longitudinal Effects of Informal Language in Formal L2 Instruction
by Hirofumi Asada, Fukuoka Jogakuin University

An Evaluation of English Textbooks in Japan from the Viewpoint of Nations in the Inner, Outer, and Expanding Circles
by Nobuko Yamanaka, Ehime University

Perspectives: Revisiting English Entrance Examinations at Japanese Universities after a Decade
by Keita Kikuchi, Nihon University

by Debra L. Simms, Christian Perry, Omar Karlin & Jay Veenstra, and Mark Jones

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